Visit me in Eulo Qld.

Chrys Art Glass Studio is now open to the public in Eulo Qld.

Chrys Art Studio Eulo Qld.

Chrys Art Studio Eulo

So if you are in Qld. in the Eulo area please take the 10 minute drive  from Eulo to come and visit me.

Just 5km west then 3 km south on the Hungerford Road.

Just click on the Map for more details.



You can browse the Gift shop, see a free demonstration of Glass bead making and have a tour of the studio to see what I am currently working on.

If you are here for a day or two you might be interested in a one-on-one workshop to try your hand at glass bead making or perhaps trying the wet felting technique.
Individual workshops can be tailored to your interests.
I also have a spacious garden that you would be welcome to explore.

Things to see and do in Eulo

The Paroo Patch

Pond bridge Eulo Qld.

Pond bridge Springvale Eulo

Pond Springvale Eulo Qld

Pond Springvale Eulo

Artesian Mud Baths

Eulo Belle Arts and Opals

Eulo General Store

Eulo Queen Hotel

Music in the Mulga

Mud Springs

Eulo Heritage trail

Oval Garden Eulo Qld.

Oval Garden Springvale Eulo

The orchard Eulo Qld.

The orchard Springvale Eulo

Free camping on the Paroo River

And nearby Eulo

Yowah Opal fields

Currawinya National park