Freshly Baked Lampwork Glass Beads and No-bake Cupcakes

Glass beads

Hot from the Kiln
Lampwork glass beads

Lampwork Glass Beads Fresh out of the kiln

where they have been cooking at 520 C for 45 minutes to anneal.
Ok, so how and why are beads annealed? I hear you asking
Beads are annealed by placing them in a kiln and slowly running them through a controlled heating and cooling cycle. During this cycle the kiln heat is maintained at a consistent temperature to ensure the interior of the bead cools at the same speed as the exterior, thus strengthening the glass by eliminating all interior stress that may have occurred during the making of the bead in the flame.

felt cupcakes

Needle felted cupcakes


No-bake Cupcakes

These little cupcake pincushions are made from Australian merino wool and shaped with special barbed felting needles. The repeated jabbing with the extremely sharp needle compacts the fibres and allows the wool to be sculptured.

The bigger cupcake is now on its way to its new home in Canada, and the little one is available from Eulo Belle Arts and Opals.

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