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Things to see and do in Eulo

Pond Springvale

Pond Springvale

Are you planning a visit to Eulo?

I’ve just opened my Studio “Chrys Art Glass” to the public as I’d love to get both the  locals and tourists coming to visit.

So I created a new page on my website

Visit me in Eulo

I added lots of links of things to see and do in Eulo.

I’m 10 minutes out of town so it may be hard to get people to visit.

The Gift shop has a range of lampwork  jewellery, Beaded Items,  Hand felting and pottery, mostly wind chimes.

I’m offering Free demonstrations of glass bead making as an incentive and people are welcome to wander in the garden.

I’ve just ordered some core-flute road signs and I’m looking into ways to advertise that won’t be too expensive. Suggestions would be most welcome.


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