Hello, Is anybody out there?

Blue flower earrings

Blue and white fused glass earrings

Hello. Is anybody out there?

This is my very first attempt at writing a blog.

I will be blogging about my Art and Glass and by that I mean Lampworking and Fusing Glass. In the Art category I will write about whatever I am currently interested in.

At this time that includes Felting, both wet felting and needle felting and also Nuno felting.

This past week has been spent working on my website and connected Etsy Store.

Oh my goodness I think it takes nearly as long to list some items as it dose to make them.

Really struggled with getting good photo images, but I think I’ve got the Idea now.

With glass Lampwork photography It is really all about exposure.

The web site still needs more work. I need to put some info on the About, Felt, and the Gallery, but I think all the other pages are all set.

Also made my very first sale on my Etsy site these Fused glass earring with blue and white flowers are now on their way to Ruth in Michigan US