Lampwork Glass Beads

Create One-of-a-kind Jewellery Pieces
Using Lampwork Glass Beads

Lampworking is a type of glasswork that involves melting glass using a torch or lamp, and shaping that glass into a desired form. Lampwork beadmakers make their beads using rods of glass, which can be bought in a variety of colours, and a mandrel, or wire which has been coated in a release agent.

work station lampwork glass

Work station for making Lampwork Glass beads

The Process involves slowly introducing both the glass rod and mandrel into the flame.
Once both have reached a suitable temperature, the beadmaker rotates the mandrel, while carefully touching the glass to it and allowing the glass to slowly coil around it.
Painting with molten Glass. Often other rods of different colours are added to produce intricate patterns. In the molten state the beads can also be shaped using a variety of tools such as paddles, mashers, and even tweezers to add unique indentations and designs. Once they are completed, the beads are then annealed which gives strength and durability to the bead.

Unique Jewellery with Lampwork Glass Beads
Jewellery making is a fun, expressive hobby that has captivated many, and for some has even turned into a thriving business. Making your own jewellery allows you to add a personal touch to all your outfits, express your style and personality in designs, and also surprise family and friends with beautiful, one of a kind, handcrafted gifts. Although just about any material can be used to make a piece of jewellery, lampwork glass beads are beautiful, eye-catching and versatile, making them ideal for a variety of DIY projects and jewellery pieces.

Most Jewellery artists don’t have the glassworking experience or equipment to make their own beads, so they choose their selections through trusted sellers. Chrys Art Glass is a provider of lampwork glass beaded gift items and Jewellery. They also have their own lampwork glass beads for sale, which can be purchased by you to create your own unique jewellery. Created by the designer with you, the creator in mind, each set is made using the highest quality glass, and usually composed of a focal bead as well as several matching beads to create a sense of balance and symmetry in your jewellery creations. Available in wide range of designs, colours and patterns, Chrys Art Glass’ handmade beads are ideal for creating lampwork bead earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or any other type of jewellery you can imagine. You can also custom order a specific colour or design, so if you have a special vision in mind, you’re able to speak with the Artist and realize your creation.

SRA. Self Represented Artists. When purchasing lampwork beads or a piece of lampwork jewelry, you should look for a SRA – Lampwork Bead Artist. Unlike the lampwork bead jewelry produced by large chains, these artist are individuals who design and handcraft every piece of jewellery that they sell. Due to the fact that these artists are the ones who invest their own time and money in the creation of their products, the quality of their pieces tends to be better. Investing in a pair of lampwork earrings, for example, from an artist who has taken the time to create and craft the jewelry on their own, is a promise that the gift you’re receiving will be far more original and personal than anything you can purchase through a mass producer. Not to mention the fact that when you make a purchase from a Self Represented Artist, you’re helping a person earn money from doing something they are passionate about,