Fused Glass Art

On this page you will see a selection of my fused glass art pieces. These include both handmade glass jewelry and decorative platters. I am more than happy to take custom orders on these fused glass items if you have a particular color or design preference.

Fused Glass Earrings & Pendants

My fused glass pendants and earrings are made with enamel decals permanently fused into the glass. These will never rub off or fade.

These handmade jewelry items have been created by fusing layers of glass together at extremely high temperatures. This process gives strength and durability to the item.

The pendants and earrings can be purchased on their own or you can contact me about matching sets or different colored glass combinations.

Fused Glass Platters & Dishes

These handcrafted glass platters and dishes have been hand formed using high quality sheet glass.

It has been cut into small pieces and then fused together in several layers at high temperatures in a digitally controlled kiln.

They are then slumped into a mold for shaping during a second kiln firing. These add a decorative touch to any setting and are great gift ideas.

To view some of my previously sold items please visit my gallery.