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Bilby Zentangle

Doodle of a Bilby

Bilby Zentangle

Have you tried Zentangles. It is a great way to fill the time during the many annoying ad. breaks while watching your favourite T.V. programs.
This is the first time I have incorporated zentangle patterns into a sketch.
The Bilby is a very cute little Australian Nocturnal Marsupial that has been placed on the endangered list in Queensland.

For more info. you can go to Save the Bilby Fund

My Very First Bead Set

I’ve been off-line for a while as my internet slowed down so much it was impossible to work with.
I rang my provider and they told me they would have to “un-shape” me.
Not sure what that means but it’s all good again.
The up-side is that I sorted through all my photos to find images of items that have been sold or given as gifts so I can upload them to my Gallery page. Now I’ll have to Upload and label them all.
I was really surprised to find so many things I have created over the past few years.
I even found an image of my very first bead set that I made in my lampworking Class.
Only 3 beads in this image and I think we had to make 7. The others were made into either a bracelet or a necklace (I don’t remember which) for my oldest daughter and I didn’t take a photo of the finished piece.

Class Made bead set

This is the very first bead set I made

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