Pink Cheese Knife featuring lampwork glass beads now in my Etsy Shop

Lampwork Cheese knife

Pink Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife.

Brighten your cheese platter when next entertaining with a unique designer cheese knife.

This Cheese knife features a lampwork glass bead that has a pink base and an overlaid design in ruby red and lime green



I also have other lampwork beaded items you can view here:

Serving Tongs

Serving Tongs

Lampwork Beaded Serving Tongs

Serving Tongs

Stainless steel serving tongs featuring an artisan lampwork glass bead in blues , greens and purple.

Beautiful serving tongs for your special occasions.

The perfect gift for weddings, engagements, house-warming, or for that special someone.

Lampwork bead pens

pens with glass beads

I have just listed some lampwork bead pens

They come in a choice of 3 colours.

pens with glass beads

Gift pens featuring lampwork glass beads

1. Pink metal pen featuring a pink base bead with raspberry red designs designs and pink and silver spacers.

Pink Pen with glass beads

Pink Lampwork beaded Pen

2.Black metal pen featuring a black base with silver enriched striking glass swirls in slight relief Spacers of silver enriched glass and Bali silver
The striking glass has a variety of colours due to the rich silver content.

balck metal pen with glass beads

Black Lampwork beaded Pen

3.Orange metal pen featuring a large transparent orange bead with swirls of orange, red and yellow. transparent glass spacers and Bali silver.

orange metal pen with glass beads

Orange Lampwork beaded Pen

Or create a custom listing in your choice of colours.

This would make a great gift for that “hard-to buy” for person.

Also a great gift for Teachers, Work colleagues, Graduation, Fathers Day.

This pen comes in a lovely ribboned gift box.

Ink refills are available.

Available Here

I also have other lampwork beaded items you can view here:

New Needlebook for those who love to sew.

Nuno felted Needlecase

Embroidered Needlebook

Inspired by some embroidery I learned at the recent Koala Convention I made a couple of Needle books using some Nuno felt, embroidery threads and buttons. They were fun to make and the merino wool gives a lovely softness. For more details click Here
I highly recommend taking a class at the next Koala conventions, there are heaps to choose from. I really enjoyed the two classes I took with Susan Porter and learned some new embroidery skills. I’m still working on the two projects, but will post a show and tell when I do.

Felted Needle holder

Embroidered Needlebook

I am now on YouTube.

I now have a YouTube account thanks to my lovely daughter Fern and her terrific partner Simon who came to visit me in Eulo for Easter. They took a few videos of me working in my studio creating lampwork glass beads and explaining the process.

In this first video I have just demonstrated a very basic bead but you can check out some of my other lampworking tutorials for more advanced glass bead making instructions. Here

The supplies I used to make this bead include:
Blue glass rod COE 104
Mandrel coated in bead release
Creation station and lampwork torch

For a full run-down of the lampworking tools I use when making my beads check out this Video

Please comment below and let me know if you have tried making your own glass beads.

You can also visit my Gallery to see more of my work.

Or connect with me on Facebook

Have fun making your own homemade lampwork beads!

Lampwork pens now on Etsy

Glass beaded metal pens

Lampwork beaded metal pens

These lampwork pens feature large focal lampwork glass beads and are now listed on Etsy
They would make a great gift for that “hard-to buy” for person.

Also a great idea for Teachers, Work colleagues, Graduation, or Mothers Day.

The pen will arrive in a lovely ribboned gift box ready for gifting.

Glass beaded metal pens

Lampwork beaded pen
Purple with teal

Glass beaded metal pens

Lampwork beaded pen
Emerald Green

Glass beaded metal pens

Lampwork beaded pen

Glass beaded metal pens

Lampwork beaded pen
Cobalt Blue

Freshly Baked Lampwork Glass Beads and No-bake Cupcakes

Glass beads

Hot from the Kiln
Lampwork glass beads

Lampwork Glass Beads Fresh out of the kiln

where they have been cooking at 520 C for 45 minutes to anneal.
Ok, so how and why are beads annealed? I hear you asking
Beads are annealed by placing them in a kiln and slowly running them through a controlled heating and cooling cycle. During this cycle the kiln heat is maintained at a consistent temperature to ensure the interior of the bead cools at the same speed as the exterior, thus strengthening the glass by eliminating all interior stress that may have occurred during the making of the bead in the flame.

felt cupcakes

Needle felted cupcakes


No-bake Cupcakes

These little cupcake pincushions are made from Australian merino wool and shaped with special barbed felting needles. The repeated jabbing with the extremely sharp needle compacts the fibres and allows the wool to be sculptured.

The bigger cupcake is now on its way to its new home in Canada, and the little one is available from Eulo Belle Arts and Opals.

I love to hear your thoughts.
so please comment or share.

Things to see and do in Eulo

Pond Springvale

Pond Springvale

Are you planning a visit to Eulo?

I’ve just opened my Studio “Chrys Art Glass” to the public as I’d love to get both the  locals and tourists coming to visit.

So I created a new page on my website

Visit me in Eulo

I added lots of links of things to see and do in Eulo.

I’m 10 minutes out of town so it may be hard to get people to visit.

The Gift shop has a range of lampwork  jewellery, Beaded Items,  Hand felting and pottery, mostly wind chimes.

I’m offering Free demonstrations of glass bead making as an incentive and people are welcome to wander in the garden.

I’ve just ordered some core-flute road signs and I’m looking into ways to advertise that won’t be too expensive. Suggestions would be most welcome.


I love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment by clicking leave a comment in the header above.

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