Nuno Felted Vest finished

Hand felted Vest

Hand felted Vest

Hand felted Vest

Hand felted Vest











So this is the Nuno Felted vest from my last post showing the lay-out

I cut it open along the centre front and then sewed in an open ended jacket zip.


Nuno Felted Vest

Hand felted Vest.

I learned a lot from this project and there are quite a few things I would differently next time.
However it’s very warm, fits well and is really comfortable to wear

  • Fern

    Looks pretty good! I bet it is warm. I used my felted boot liners for the first time tonight and they were AWESOME! So soft and cozy in my boots.

    • Did you soap them up and shape to your foot?

  • Fern

    Not yet, the right one is perfect. I just need to shape the left a bit.

    • Okay, just do a little wet soapy rubbing at a time, then test, or it may become to tight to slip on easily.

  • Love your clean website look and blog post looks awesome! Nice, big photos and your project looks great!

  • What a lovely felted vest! I’m sure you will enjoy wearing it during the cooler months of the year.

  • What a beautiful vest – very stylish – and I bet VERY warm! Look forward to you showing us your next project.

  • Your vest is gorgeous! I love how you added a contrasting stripe of color at the waist. I expect that the lighter color draws attention to the waist and may even help it look a bit narrower.

    I’ve only ever done one, small, felting project and it took a lot of effort to felt the wool fibers together. I can only imagine how much work it would be to do an entire garment!

  • I think I must have missed part one. I don’t know anything about felting, but it looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.