Sewing for the Grand Children

I’ve been sorting out my craft studio and came across some fabrics my daughter gave me to make things for her children. Here is the result…

This set is for my grand daughter Amity who is 6.


Amity's Set

Amity’s Set

And this skirt and head-band is for Pippa who is 2 years old and will be a match with her big sisters.

Pippa's Skirt

Pippa’s Skirt

So then I couldn’t leave out Jack, who is Amitys twin, so I made him a little travel toiletries bag out of some John Deere fabric and a felted soap on a rope with his name.

Travel Bag

Travel Bag

I also had to patch some holes that had worn through on the soles of some slippers I felted for my daughter a couple of years ago before I started putting liquid latex on slipper soles. I then glued on some new rubber soling material that I had just purchased so they shouldn’t wear through again.

Felted Slippers

Felted Slippers

Felted Slippers

Felted Slippers

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  • Fern

    Lucky grandchildren! They are very cute. I like the new rubber soles on the slippers.

  • Lovely designs and amazing fiber arts creations! I did not know that felted slippers could be re-treaded. Very interesting blog.

  • You’ve made your grandchildren some beautiful items!! Very cute!

  • Wonderful items for all the grandkids. And I love those felt slippers!

  • I have not been a huge fan of felted stuff, but those slippers are cute! And what little girls wouldn’t love the butterflies and bird cages?

  • I love the grand girls’ little skirt outfits and the slippers look so cozy. Felted soaps would have been good for summer camp. Thanks for sharing.

  • Those felted slippers look as good as new – you must have made a good job of them originally!
    Your grand-children will be thrilled with the beautiful items you’ve made for them and they’re lucky to have a ‘crafty’ grandma.